Gina’s House Keeping

I think that God has given us gifts and what we do with them are up to us, the bible says that whatever we put our hands to will prosper. When I started Gina’s house keeping I just used what I had in my hand, I started out small and now God is really blessing it.

I had a very hard road to travel this past year and needed a little extra money, when I asked God what to do this lady came by work and told me about cleaning houses and then we were off, life got easer and the business got bigger. I can honestly say that I love when the families come home, the look of relief is on there face, their notes and phone calls that I get telling me that the house is perfect and can’t wait until the next time,

When you see a need and then you are able to fill that need and then God fills your need. It brings a wonderful feeling to you and the families that I work with. Not only am I helping them out but also they are helping me out. When God puts you in a place then he will bless it.

Thank you for visiting Gina’s housekeeping web page look forward to meeting you in person.



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